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Sir J. Fraser Stoddart: ‘Surely the US has benefited from people on the other side of that wall coming here for centuries. Why would you want to stop it?’

Six Americans won Nobel Prizes in the sciences in 2016. All of them were immigrants. Sir J. Fraser Stoddart of Northwestern University was one of three laureates in chemistry. And now he wants to know: What's the future of bringing international minds to US insitutions?

About Sir J. Fraser Stoddart

Immigration status Naturalized US citizen
Country of birth Scotland
Location Evanston, Illinois
Age 74

Reporting by Jared Goyette and Isabel Vázquez

In Trump's America
We're following the stories of individuals as they navigate the policy and ideological shifts happening during the Trump administration. From an undocumented immigrant to a Nobel Prize winner, here's how immigration affects people.

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