What if your hometown were hit by the Hiroshima atomic bomb?

Have you ever thought about the damage caused by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945? What would be the damage if that same atomic bomb were dropped on your hometown?

Where are you from?

Type to find your hometown and click on the map to mark the target.

Ready? Now drop the bomb

The bomb would cause damage within a 12-mile radius of ground zero

Within 0.5 miles: 90% of people are killed by heavy fire and blast. Pregnant women who survive will experience miscarriage due to radiation.
Within 1 mile: 70% of people are killed by heavy fire and blast. Everything up to this distance is completely destroyed by heavy fire from the explosion at ground zero.
Within 3 miles: Buildings up to this distance are heavily destroyed by fire that spreads from ground zero.
Within 12 miles: Buildings are safe but windows might be broken.
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